About Us

Breakwater is comprised of 185 homes; altogether, there are 36 townhomes, 69 twin homes, and 80 single-family homes. The development’s Homeowners Association’s (HOA) goal is to make Breakwater as friendly, positively harmonious, and beautiful a place to live as humanly possible. Ground was broken in 2006, and due to the ensuing unfavorable world economy, the development was completed in 2015. The Breakwater community is situated in the world’s best location – between idyllic Gills Neck Road and the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal – a comfortable bike-ride away from the historic First Town in the First State. Needless to say, world-renowned Rehoboth Beach with its array of best-in-the-East restaurants and galleries is only a slightly more energetic bike-ride down the Junction and Breakwater Trail, which generally follows the path of the old Pennsylvania Railroad train tracks and is the longest bike trail in Delaware.

Breakwater Homeowners Association (HOA) is co-managed by Premier Property & Pool Management and an elected five-member HOA Board representing all 185 homes in the community. The HOA Board of Directors is elected during Annual Owner Meetings. The Condominium Owners Association (COA) is comprised of 36 Townhome condominium units. Townhome owners are also represented by the HOA Board of Directors. Together with Excel Property Management, the three-member COA Council oversees the Breakwater Condo Corner. The Council consists of three members elected to staggered two-year terms by the 36 unit owners.

This website, like the common areas and amenities of the development (fitness center, swimming pool with accompanying outdoor grill and kitchen, 9 storm-water basins, and delightfully landscaped grounds), is owned collectively by Breakwater homeowners. For more information about this website email breakwaterbod@gmail.com.