• New Events posted to Breakwater Calendar

    Several new events have been posted to the Breakwater Calendar. Please check there for details.

    Bonfire and Cookout @ Lewes Beach (4/29 – 7:15PM)
    Memorial Week-end Party at the Pool (5/27 – 5PM)
    Yard Sale (6/3 – 8AM – 12 Noon)
    Cape Water Taxi (6/21 – 7-9PM)

  • HOA Board Meeting April 11

    This HOA Board Meeting takes place in the Lewes library, Tuesday April 11, 6pm.

    Click here for the downloadable agenda:


  • Upcoming HOA Board Meetings

    The Breakwater HOA Board has set a meeting schedule as follows:

    Jan 10, 2017

    April 11, 2017

    July 11, 2017

    Meetings are scheduled for 6:00 PM in the Lewes Library.  All homeowners are welcome to attend.

  • News About Gills Neck Village Center

    Check the latest update on the development of this property at the corner of Gills Neck and Kings Highway…

    Click here

    Or here:   Click (or tap) to read Cape Gazette article

  • Message from Hawkseye Property Owners Association – Pet Courtesy

    One of the discussions at the December HPOA meeting concerned pet courtesy, and the Board agreed to send a specific message reminding our Members about some pet walking particulars:

    • Pet waste must be picked up, regardless of where the pet walks — road, swale, empty lot, Common Area.
    • The area between the road and midway into the swale is Common Area, owned by the HPOA and maintained by individual Lot Owners. Pet walkers using this area must clean up their pet’s waste, just as they must clean it up on other Common Area or empty lots.
    • We have recently seen postings on our neighborhood facebook page that pet waste is being left on our roadways. If you see a Member (or non-Member) who fails to remove their pet’s waste, please approach them and remind them of pet courtesy.
    • It is each Member’s responsibility to approach abusers and request appropriate pet courtesy.
    • Non-members walk their pets in Hawkseye, just as some Hawkseye residents walk their pets in other communities like Breakwater and Senators. The Board will share this message with both Breakwater and Senators association Presidents and management companies.

    Hawkseye Property Owners Association

    Board of Directors

  • Recycle/Garbage Pickup Info

    Garbage and recycling pickups are on a normal schedule during the upcoming 2016 Holiday Season:  Recycling Mondays are Dec. 5, 19, Jan. 2.

    According to the DSWA website, the recyclable plastics are numbers 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7.