• Mark your calendar!

    HOA Quarterly Meeting is scheduled for December 14 at the Lewes Library – beginning at 10AM. View the Agenda.

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  • NOTICE! Our Password has been changed.

    To recover or receive the new password for access to Breakwater HOA protected pages please follow these simple instructions:

    1. Select Recover Password option from the Homeowner Info tab at top of this page.
    2. Enter your email address in the blank box when prompted.
    3. When email address (as entered*) matches our HOA private database the current password is displayed.
      *NOTE: If no password is revealed, either your email is NOT recognized as belonging to a registered homeowner OR a typo was entered.
    4. If still not able to recover the password please email the Breakwater Communications Team for additional assistance.

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  • Breakwater Homeowners Welcome Kit

    Welcome to all our new 2019 Homeowners! Be In the Know: click here and explore our General Community Rules today.

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  • Breakwater Snow Removal

    The Snow Removal Guidelines document was distributed at the 12/8/18 BOD quarterly meeting. You can read/download it by clicking this link –


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  • Disposal of Yard Waste Material

    Read about the proper disposal of yard waste and other debris in this helpful letter from the Board of Directors.

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  • Hawkseye Pet Courtesy

    For a message concerning walking your dog at Hawkseye, please click here:

    One of the discussions at the December HPOA meeting concerned pet courtesy, and the Board agreed to send a specific message reminding our Members about some pet walking particulars:

    • Pet waste must be picked up, regardless of where the pet walks — road, swale, empty lot, Common Area.
    • The area between the road and midway into the swale is Common Area, owned by the HPOA and maintained by individual Lot Owners. Pet walkers using this area must clean up their pet’s waste, just as they must clean it up on other Common Area or empty lots.
    • We have recently seen postings on our neighborhood facebook page that pet waste is being left on our roadways. If you see a Member (or non-Member) who fails to remove their pet’s waste, please approach them and remind them of pet courtesy.
    • It is each Member’s responsibility to approach abusers and request appropriate pet courtesy.
    • Non-members walk their pets in Hawkseye, just as some Hawkseye residents walk their pets in other communities like Breakwater and Senators. The Board will share this message with both Breakwater and Senators association Presidents and management companies.

    Hawkseye Property Owners Association
    Board of Directors

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