• Quarterly Board Meeting

    Breakwater’s Board of Directors will be holding its Quarterly Open Meeting via Zoom, due to Covid concerns. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 15 at 7 PM.  All are welcome to attend. 

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  • HOA Board Reminder: Fishing Policy

    Usage alert for all retention ponds
    • Please do not touch, move or cut the monofilament lines that are present in some of the ponds.
    • Residents have to be present with their guests when fishing.
    • Permits are NOT transferable. Only one permit per household will be issued.

    Current homeowners can request a fishing pass or get more information by contacting the HOA Board at

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  • Need the Breakwater password?

    To recover or receive a new password for access to Breakwater HOA protected pages please follow these simple instructions:

    1. Select Recover Password option from the Homeowner Info tab at top of this page.
    2. Enter your email address in the blank box when prompted.
    3. When email address (as entered*) matches our HOA private database the current password is displayed.
      *NOTE: If no password is revealed, either your email is NOT recognized as belonging to a registered homeowner OR a typo was entered.
    4. If still not able to recover the password please email the Breakwater Communications Team for additional assistance.

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