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  • Vehicle Detailing Services

    Professional Vehicle Detailing by Ray Scott. Over 30 years experience using professional services and products.

    Please contact: at
    Contact email:

  • Toro 2000E snow blower

    Toro 2000E single stage, light weight, 2 cycle engine, electric start. Runs fine but needs new paddles. Replacement paddles available from Amazon.

    Price: $100.00
    Please contact: at
    Contact email:

  • Powerwash Your Home by WASHBUGGY

    You may recall Washbuggy’s powerwashing visits here last year and we’d like to come back with the same great offer for single-family and twin homes.

    Here are the details –

    Wash SINGLE FAMILY home from roofline to the ground. Front
    walk and porch included. Rear decks and porches are extra: $175

    Wash TWIN HOME from roofline to the ground. Front walk and porch included. Rear decks and porches are extra: $175

    Wash complete (double) TWIN HOME unit from roofline to ground. This means entire building; neighbors come together and both units of one building are done at the same time. Front porch and walkway included. Rear decks and porches are extra : $300 for twin /$525 for triple.

    Please contact: Washbuggy at (410) 749-9537
    Contact email:

    (this is a paid classified notice)

  • Steamway Ladies Bicycle – Brand New

    Beautiful, new white easy-step bicycle. Three speed.
    Click to visit bike website
    Price: $399.00
    Please contact: at
    Contact email:

  • Powerwash details!

    I have spoken with the owner of Wash Buggy regarding prices for Breakwater and they are quite attractive. The numbers are based on 10 homeowners participating, and we already have 12 on the list (including me and Suzanne). For comparison purposes, we last had our house powerwashed in November 2013 for $250 (no windows included). A recent quote from another company just for windows was $10/window (includes inside/outside, screen and sill). Wash Buggy has quoted –

    Single home – $175
    1/2 Twin – $175
    Full Twin – $300
    End Townhouse – $150
    Interior Townhouse – $125
    Windows (inside/outside/screen/sill) – $7/window

    If you are interested in participating further, please let me know again. The next step will be that I will provide Wash Buggy with contact information for each participant, and they will contact you to schedule. I was told that they are washing now, so the availability fits well with the time frame of “now” to April.

  • Powerwash and more

    Suzanne and I have used WASH BUGGY in the past to powerwash our house and have been satisfied with their service. Suzanne ran into the owner recently and he commented to her that if there are at least 10 Breakwater owners interested in using his services, he could offer a substantial discount on the jobs. His hope is to schedule these before his busy season begins in April. If there are any interested parties, please let me know along with your flexibility during Feb and March, and I will see if we can make the grade.

    Although we did not use Wash Buggy for our windows, he offers that as well. You can read about his services at his website.

    I can be reached at my email address (, or by phone at 302-645-8694.