Powerwash and more

Suzanne and I have used WASH BUGGY in the past to powerwash our house and have been satisfied with their service. Suzanne ran into the owner recently and he commented to her that if there are at least 10 Breakwater owners interested in using his services, he could offer a substantial discount on the jobs. His hope is to schedule these before his busy season begins in April. If there are any interested parties, please let me know along with your flexibility during Feb and March, and I will see if we can make the grade.

Although we did not use Wash Buggy for our windows, he offers that as well. You can read about his services at his website.

I can be reached at my email address (msummers@great-web-sights.com, or by phone at 302-645-8694.

Posted on: February 4, 2016, by : Webmaster