Test Forms and Documents

This page is for downloading various forms and documents like:

Breakwater Community Rules and Regulations

Breakwater Pool Rules

January 10, 2017 Board Meeting

Agenda: Agenda mtg 011017 (PDF – 54KB)<br
(Minutes linked below)

General Forms/Documents

Meeting Minutes

ARC Meeting Minutes

Breakwater Newsletters

Review of HOA Accomplishments, 2014-2016

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Covenants, Bylaws and Comments

This section contains four links to allow the Breakwater community to participate in the development of amended Covenants and Bylaws.

  1. To download the latest proposed revision of the Covenants, please click here
  2. To download the latest proposed revision of the Bylaws, please click here
  3. To download the latest revision of the Homeowner Comments and Board Responses, please click here

To submit a comment to the board about the Covenants or Bylaws, please click here